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Leadership & Staff

Our senior leadership has over 200 years combined experience in complex commercial and military marine repairs. Senior leaders all have prior Navy service, including command of vessels, thus providing for our Coast Guard and Navy customers the assurance that we consider all of our work critical to their mission readiness.  We work closely with our customers, listen to them and complete our work on time or ahead of schedule.

IMS has a multi-disciplined professional team to serve its clients. One of the trademarks of our company is our ability to provide seamless work teams on our projects with experienced and qualified staff to ensure that all work is performed correctly and on schedule. IMS employs an average of 20 workers and administrative staff full time annually.

We always assign a senior, experienced project manager to each location, has the on-scene authority to respond to the needs of the customer, reports directly to production manager, controls aspects of the production schedule, including CIR’s, CFRs and participates in all production meetings.

Our current, multi-disciplined work force is as follows:

Larry Samano President/CEO 39 years experience in ship repair management
Jose Betancourt, RADM (ret.) Staff Adviser 30 years experience in shipboard systems
Jeffery Barton General Manager 34 years experience in ship repair management
Silvia G. Espinoza Assistant General Manager 20 years experience in administrative/contracts support
Connor Leahy QA/ EH&S Manager 20 years experience in shipboard QA
George Litsch Chief Estimator 30 years experience shipboard engineering
Jo Ann Justice Accounting, Controller 32 Years experience in financial accounting
Louis Ottavio Project Manager 25 years experience in ship repair management
Yolanda Ochoa Security Administrator 20 years experience in administrative support


IMS is very competitive in the labor market and is able to staff or re-organize as needed to meet its work demands. We manage all contracts exactly the same, whether the contract be in our own facilitiy’s location or a remote location.

Corporate and Contact Information:

Mr. Larry Samano, CEO/Owner, (619) 429-0300, Fax (619) 429-0700

Mr. Jeffery Barton, General Manager, (619) 429-0300, Fax: (619) 429-0700

George Litsch, Chief Estimator (619) 429-0300, Fax: (619) 429-0700