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Fabrication and Welding

Weld ShopIMS maintains full time welders,  pipefitters, and fabricators  on staff.   Welder qualifications are maintained in accordance with NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248, Requirements for Welding and Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification. IMS has eleven welding procedures that have been approved and serialized by Southwest Regional Maintenance Center. Company and individual weld procedures are approved after satisfactory test welds are completed by IMS welders that pass destructive testing by a third party.

IMS provides these precision welding services:

  • MIG, TIG, and wire welding
  • Machine components
  • Frames and bases
  • Metal fabrications
  • Welded structural frames
  • Special art projects
  • Production line metal blanks
  • Tank covers
  • Other ferrous and non-ferrous weldments

Aluminum, steel and stainless steel products including lavatory assemblies, water closets, shower enclosures, partitions, bulkheads, ventilation sections, cabinets, serving lines. Shear up to 1/4″ steel and 3/16″ stainless X 10 foot long material. Brake capacity to 150 tons x 12 foot long


1)  Silver brazing Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-WI-002

2)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-002 SMAW-MA (Plate) S-1 to S-   .125” to 1.0”, ASTM A-36 TO ASTM A-36, MIL-7018M (MIL-E-22200/10)

3)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-004 SMAW-MA (Socket) S-1 to S-1,  .0872” to .218” ASTM A-105 TO ASTM A-106, MIL-7018M (MIL-E-22200/10C)

4)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-005 GTAW-MA (Socket) S-8 to S-8, .1176” to .294” ASTM A-312 TO ASTM A-182, MIL-316L (MIL-E-19933E)

5)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-006 FCAW-SA (Plate)    S-1 to S-1  .187” to 1.00” ASTM A-36 TO ASTM A-36, MIL-71T-1-HYC (MIL-E-24403/1D

6)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-007, Rev 1  GTAW-MA (Plate) S-1 to S-3  .125” to .750” ASTM-36 to ASME SB17, MIL-RN60 (MIL-E-21562

7)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-008 SMAW-MA (Plate)  S-8 to S-   .125” to .750”304 304/L S/S to ASTM-36 MIL-309L-16 (MIL-E-22200/2D)

8)  Weld Procedure Qualification  Procedure No: IMS-009, Rev 1 SMAW-MA (Plate) S-11A2 to S-11A2  .125” to 1.250″ HY100 to HY-100 MIL-11018M (MIL-E-22200/1)

9)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No: IMS-010 GTAW-MA (Plate)S-34 (70/30 Cuni) to S-34 (70/30 Cuni  .125” to .750 ASME SB171 to ASME SB171, MIL-RN67 (MIL-E-21562)

10)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No:IMS-013 GTAW-MA (Plate)   S-25 TO S-25 .058” to.116”ASTM-B928 to ASTM-B928R5556 (AWS A5.10)

11)  Weld Procedure Qualification Procedure No:IMS-015 GTAW-MA (Socket)  S-34 to S-34 .096” – .240”MIL-T-16420 to MIL-C-15726MIL-RN67 (MIL-E-21562)

12)  Weld Procedure QualificationProcedure No:IMS-016 GTAW-MA (Socket)  S-34 to S-34 .058” – .130”MIL-T-16420 to MIL-C-15726MIL-RN67 (MIL-E-21562)