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Ventilation Cleaning

 IMS proudly provides the ventilation cleaning services:

  1. Ventilation System Survey and reports consisting of ship pre-cleaning, ventilation site survey and post cleaning documentation via DVD recording.
  2. Cleaning & Inspection of Air Handling Units including removal of filters and cleaning of racks, cleaning of coils, cleaning of drainage leading from unit, inspection of drain tubes, cleaning of drain trays/pans, cleaning of fan units.
  3. Cleaning & Inspection of laundry space dryer vents (fire hazard prevention).
  4. Cleaning & Inspection of supply mains, supply branches, and exhaust mains and branches (fire and airborne hazard prevention).
  5. Cleaning and Inspection of galley, scullery and head mains and supply branches (fire hazard prevention).
  6. Cleaning & Inspection of main machinery compartment supply & exhaust ventilation including CHT, SSDG, Main engine supply and exhaust, boiler exhaust and DCC supply & exhaust systems (fire, air borne hazard and equipment failure prevention).

A typical work specification consists of a preliminary site survey to be performed by the Government SBS.  At this point a work specification is developed.  An estimate is formulated utilizing the price schedule agreed to under the basic contract.  At start of work an inspection is performed by the ship, the SBS and the contractor to ensure that WAFs are developed and that system segregation is properly performed.  A pre-cleaning DVD inspection and air flow test is conducted and recorded.  The systems are cleaned utilizing equipment that generates a negative pressure condition within the duct work while simultaneously agitating and freeing debris from the vent duct walls.  The debris is systematically collected at the suction point utilizing HEPA filters and safely discarded.

A post-cleaning inspection and air-flow inspection is conducted and recorded.  The systems are restored back to their original configuration.  At the completion of work the site is inspected for restoration of systems and cleanliness of site by the ship, the SBS and the contractor.  Most additional work discovered after work start such as additional access door requirements, cleaning of vent fan assemblies, cleaning of heating and cooling coils, cleaning of ventilation terminal devices and replacement of missing or damaged covers, gaskets and fasteners are covered and can be performed under the contract.